Affonso Henriques, Brazil. I worked for twenty-five years in the Financial Market. As Ph.D. in Management Science by ESADE Business School & Law, Barcelona, I was also Professor and Researcher. In a nutshell, I spent years helping people to achieve their objectives. I am proud, and I am glad for it. After that period, I released my job and became a writer. I believe that Words have the power to provoke souls, hearts and minds.

I write books about Romance and Thrillers. My writing purpose begins with a trilogy: Looking for Her, Traps of Life, and Hand to Hand. These will be the first books. I intend to self-publish them through this website. Besides writing books, I write articles, short stories, and I am a blogger.

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For this, the Site has its structure built in two topics. The first is Blog, and its category designates “Something to Say”. Here, I will write about some issues that can affect us. There is another category on this topic called “Video”. In the Second Category, Stories, I will write “Short Stories”.

My intention is to provoke souls, hearts, and minds. I write to share ideas and not to give “recipes”. I believe each person has to find a solution.

However, everyone must ask for help when they are in trouble. But the decision is a solitary process, and it belongs to each of us!

What kind of world?

We are human beings and share similar difficulties and successes. We can learn from each other. For example, Global Heating is affecting all countries and all of us! What kind of world will we leave for the next generations? It depends on each of us wherever we are.

When I write, it is vital to take in my mind something about the writing act. I follow José Saramago’s (1922 – 2010) thought:

” I have no intention of convincing anyone. It is a lack of respect.”

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